It's a team effort.

Big center capabilities, small team approach — best of all worlds.

Yes, we are one of the largest rehabilitation centers in New Hampshire, with staff and equipment available to handle virtually any patient requirement. But we also understand the advantages that a smaller, more personalized facility offers.

That's why we have created five specialty teams out of our one large therapy practice, each with its own clinical focus:

  • Four PT teams — the Orthopedic Team, Spine Team, Sports Team and Aquatics Team—each consisting of a small group of PTs and PT Assistants.
  • One OT team — our Hand Team, which includes our three occupational therapists, each of whom is a Certified Hand Therapist.

So you'll have instant access to experts who know you personally and are committed to helping resolve your specific issues. With one or two therapists from the same team managing your care, there's no shuffling around from therapist to therapist. And as we have discovered, our team approach ensures that you always receive the highest degree of clinical expertise, collaboration, communication and consistency of care.

Got a question?

Our expert team members are here to answer any question you may have. Just send our director, David Quint, an email and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate team.

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